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What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is another great way to protect your vehicle's paint. It is a liquid polymer, and when applied by hand, chemically bonds to your vehicle's paint. Depending on whether you choose a permanent or semi-permanent coating - you will achieve different results. 


You’ve probably heard of the spray on ceramic coatings, but they are very temporary. You'll actually end up spending more money and time putting that on and not achieve the same results from the ceramic coating that we can professionally apply.


What does it do?

Ceramic coating is designed to minimize marring and swirls, prevent corrosion, and act as a protective layer for your paint. It also offers a level of scratch resistance and protects the surface from UV degradation. Not only does it make your vehicle look cleaner, but it will also be way easier to wash due to the hydrophobic properties. 



Maintenance of your Ceramic Coating

Yes, your vehicle will be much cleaner and easier to wash, but that does not eliminate the need to wash your vehicle. The roads we drive on are not exactly clean, especially in the winter. So regularly washing and drying your vehicle are important factors to maintain the look you purchased when you had your ceramic coating applied.


We recommend a yearly inspection to wash off and decontaminate your vehicle. This little bit of work really is worth it, and you will achieve better results and a longer lasting coating when you do this in the early spring of each year.


Keep in mind, ceramic coatings do not stop rock chips or major scratches. Paint protection film is the only product fit for that purpose. They are two different products created to achieve different results based on what you need. Is ceramic coating for you? Yes it is! Paired with Paint Protection Film on the rock chip prone areas, your vehicle will be looking top notch for years to come.

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